Ectopic Pregnancy
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Bias - April 19

Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy and has conceived after. It took me approx. 10+ years to get pregnant. My tubes were clear and doctors had no answer for me, so I assumed it was my hormones. I got married in 2002 and conceived in 2004. I wanted my husband and I to conceive, so I researched all herbal pills. I came across Fertility Blend in 2004, took it in March and got pregnanct in July 2004 was very joyful. Down fall, it was an ectopic pregnancy. I had no choice to terminate in Sept 01, 2005 it was the hardest thing. I contined to take Fertility Blend, but it did seem to work anymore, plus I was getting heaving bleeding and cramps, and say the most headaches. So, I knew of Ovulex, purchased it, and this seem to regulate my periods. I usually had my menstral every 33-35 days. I started taking it in March 2005 and had my menstral 26 days, but have not conceived, as of yet. My tubes are both fine, so I am hoping to get pg soon. Anyone out there tried any herbals and got pregnant, and had an ectopic pregnancy? PLEASE RESPOND. Thank you so much.


crystal - January 2

hi im crystal i am 18 years old and had a ectopic pregnancy when i was 17 and still trying to have a baby but no succsess u can get a ectopic any time even if u are on herbal things any women in the world gets that it is all how thebody works


td - February 20

i used it and i got pregnant both months, but both pregnancies were ectopic, so i dont know if the ovulex was the issue or not



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