Does anyone know?
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JaneUsain - October 30

How do we know if a clinic will take up our case into consideration for surrogacy or not? I believe they need some documents during the initial consultation to believe you really cannot carry your own child.


joporraffi - November 3

Hi there Jane. From what I know most clinics require some sort of documentation to make sure you are eligible for surrogacy. This includes any proof of the fact that you can’t have a child. Any note from your gynecologist should do the trick. Alternately, you can also present your test reports etc declaring you as infertile. Now you might be wondering what to do if you aren’t infertile. There are many women who are fertile but can’t have children. These include women who have some sort of a medical condition that prevents them from conceiving. Examples include a heart disease etc. Now, for these women, the same protocol holds. They need to provide proof of their condition. A medical report should suffice. I hope this answers your questions. If you have these documents available, then I don’t think that any surrogacy clinic will deny you their services. Of course, as long as you are okay with the costs etc too.


logullennyd - November 3

Hello. I would suggest that you talk to the concerned clinic over the phone before you visit. Alternately, you can also check their website or drop them an email. This way you can find out if they require any documents. This will save you an extra trip. You can simply take those documents along when you go for the initial condition. It is highly advisable to do this especially if the clinic is located in another city or country. You will find plenty of suggestions here. Many people will tell you what you will or will not need. Despite that, it is important to remember that every clinic operates differently. So, to save yourself a lot of hassle, do as I suggested before. That is, contact them via phone or email prior to your visit. This will also help you gauge how helpful the clinic staff is. In my experience, a cooperative staff is highly necessary. Without that the process just becomes needlessly harder.


erinniqam - November 3

Hi there. I don’t think the requirements of all the clinics are the same. Some might require some documentation stating you can’t have children. On the other hand, others might not have the requirement. In my opinion, the latter ones might be the shady ones. In other words, the one you should avoid. When going for a procedure with such high stakes, it is better to go to a well-reputed clinic. Having a child is no small thing. Therefore it is essential to do it with a clinic that has a proper system in place. A requirement of providing documents or validation is one of the things that show how well-reputed it is. Besides, it is not hard to acquire such documents. If you are considering surrogacy, then you are probably infertile or can’t have children due to some other reason. Either way, your medical reports are all the documents you need. Still, to avoid any ambiguities and inconvenience, it is advisable to ask that particular clinic about their requirements. Good luck!


ilenannug - November 3

Hello. 2 years ago I opted for surrogacy. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I had expected the road to be tough, but it was surprisingly easy. Well enough about me. In answer to your question, yes you do need documentation. At least, the clinic I went to required them. I showed the clinic that I couldn’t have children. For this, I showed them my hysterectomy reports. This was enough to certify that I couldn’t carry a child. I needed similar documents again when I mentioned that I would also require an egg donor due to this I could not be stimulated. For this again, I provided documents stating just that. After this thing went even smoother. They told me I was eligible for surrogacy. Soon enough the process began and a little more than a year later I was the proud mother of a baby boy.


jirrammissa - November 4

Hey Jane why are you so worried. Surrogacy is a treatment for women who want to conceive but due to some unforeseen reason, they can't. However, every clinic has their own method. My sister in law had a baby via surrogacy, and she had an experience of her lifetime. However, you need to give some of the medical test results which will prove your infertility, and your husband's sperm count also. This is initial consultation via email. If all goes well then the couples need to visit Ukraine, Kiev where they are provided transportation and accommodation. Basic medical facilities are also included in the package. Hygienic and healthy meals are also provided. What else do you need it? Plus it's economical.


jyrrellukex - November 4

Hey, Jane, I am in the same boat as you are. Have been trying to conceive for past 5 years and during that period I had 3 Miscarriages. Which left me shattered and heartbroken. The only question which I had in my mind was "why me?". Why does life have to be so hard? Why don't the things go the way we want them to go. Have been searching for surrogacy for past few days. Now there is a ray of hope, but still, I am confused about where to start from. Which clinic to chose? What medical reports will they need? Will I be able to do it? I know I need to be optimistic. However, sometimes things are not in your hand.


geqasaffis - November 4

Hi Jane, I hope you are doing fine. Can I please ask that why do you want to go for surrogacy? Are you suffering from some sort of disease? I wish I were able to end fertility from this world. It is very painful to see women suffering from infertility. It feels bad to see the women suffering from the stress of not being able to become a mother. I have been through this pain. I am suffering from heart valve disease. The cardiologists advised me to not to get pregnant. He told me that if I get pregnant, it would be risky for my life. We went through surrogacy procedure to have a baby. We had to show all the reports regarding my disease. They asked for the reports to make sure that it was not possible for me to carry a baby. Similarly, in your case, they will ask for a proof that you are unable to carry the baby. They will require your reports of the test that you are not fit enough to carry a baby.


kovenippof - November 4

Hello my dear, the clinics require some documentation in order to carry out surrogacy procedure. The purpose of documentation is just to make sure that you are actually unable to carry a child. It is not necessary that there should only be the test reports but a letter or note from your doctor or gynecologist will serve the same purpose. I would suggest you take all the information regarding documentation while you are making an appointment. As a result, it will be least likely that you will miss any kind of document that can help you regarding surrogacy procedure. I am a patient suffering from heart valve disease. When I went for surrogacy, they asked me for the proof that I cannot carry a baby. I provided them with all my medical reports to assure them that I am not healthy enough to carry a baby. I am not sure if all the clinics require that documentation. However, the clinic I went to asked me for it. The requirements for different clinics may differ. What you can do to make the process easier is to ask for all the requirements prior visiting the clinic. It will save you time and even cost. I hope that I have provided you with the satisfactory answer to your question. Do share your experience if you opt for surrogacy. Good luck darling.


kovenippof - November 4

We don't, til' we get in touch with them. They run the couples through many screening tests before selecting their case. It all starts with the first consultation call or a meetup. Your doctor will guide you through all about the process. Mostly couples take an average 3 hours to clear any questions they have in mind. Whenever you arrange your meeting, be sure to know about all the programs and options available and a detailed understanding of the procedures. The docs required are two - same as one of the ladies already have mentioned. These are not very hard to find or collect. You can ask your gynecologist about them.


bozapappadd - November 4

We don't, til' we get in touch with them. They run the couples through many screening tests before selecting their case. It all starts with the first consultation call or a meetup. Your doctor will guide you through all about the process. Mostly couples take an average 3 hours to clear any questions they have in mind. Whenever you arrange your meeting, be sure to know about all the programs and options available and a detailed understanding of the procedures. The docs required are two - same as one of the ladies already have mentioned. These are not very hard to find or collect. You can ask your gynecologist about them.


icanorrugo - November 4

Hi, Jane! First of all, want to congratulate you that you have come up with a good decision like surrogacy. After a long though I have also decided to opt for surrogacy. It is a process that gives us the feeling to become a parent even if we are infertile or cannot have a baby due to other reasons. Proper documentation is the most important thing for you to make the clinic consider your case. I have not seen any case of rejection by any clinic bit still you need to focus on the documentation. It is the first step of surrogacy. You need to have all the documents related to your disease or reason that led you towards infertility. You should have all the reports about your treatment and medication also if you had some. You also need to take some tests for the clinic. If you take that tests by yourself it is fine, otherwise, the clinic will take the test and will file the results with your other documents. You should also get a report signed by your doctor that proved that you are not able to get pregnant. I think these are all the documents that are essential for you to send to the clinic. You should not lose any documents of yours while applying for the clinic. I hope this will help you. I am sorry if I did not mention anything else that was required. It is better that you visit the site of the clinic you are considering for surrogacy so that you can know the perfect details about the documents that are required.


onefiqab - November 4

Hi dear. You have come to the right platform to have suggestions related surrogacy. There is a lot of discussions bring down on the forums nowadays and it is really very useful. My colleague who had a baby through surrogacy about a few months ago, she also told me that a lot of help is available here. I can guide you through a few details I know about surrogacy. I read it on the website of a clinic. They had asked to send the documents to the clinic through the mail. After that, the experienced doctors will look into your documents so that they can tell you if you are eligible for the process or not. You should tell your doctor to collect all the important documents for your case which you will, later on, send to the clinic. After that, you will be called at the clinic to sign a contract with the clinic. After that, the clinic will collect the semen and/or eggs and you will have to stay there for 2 to 4 days. If only the semen is collected by the clinic then the patient will have to stay there just for 2 to 4 days. If the patient is not able to donate eggs then the patient will have to stay there for 12 to 14 days as the clinic will arrange an egg donor. These are all the initial steps you will have to take and the process will start and end very smoothly. Best of luck!


gapappeles - November 4

Hello there Jane! I will try my best to guide you through all the important details related to the initial steps. I just want to give you a brief description of what surrogacy is. It is a procedure that gives us the inclination to end up noticeably a parent regardless of the possibility that we are fruitless or can't have an infant because of different reasons. Legitimate documentation is the most vital thing for you to influence the center to consider your case. I have not seen any instance of dismissal by any facility bit still you have to concentrate on the documentation. It is the initial step of surrogacy. You need every one of the records identified with your malady or reason that drove you towards barrenness. You ought to have reports about your treatment and pharmaceutical additionally in the event that you had a few. You also need to take a few tests for the center. On the off chance that you cannot take the tests it is not a problem, generally, the center will take the test and will record the outcomes with your different reports. You ought to likewise get a report marked by your specialist that demonstrated that you are not ready to get pregnant. You need not lose any document of yours while applying for the center. I trust this will help you. I am sad in the event that I didn't say whatever else that was required. It is better that you visit the site of the facility you are thinking about for surrogacy with the goal that you can know the ideal insights about the requirements.


lahexuddo - November 4

Yesss! If things go fine they will ask you to sign up a contract. Then they will get you guys on some initial tests. They will ask for all the previous medical reports for confirmations. Furthermore, they may also collect semen or any other relative thing for the process. Well, As per my memory I remember they accommodated us for 4 to 5 days. When I had surrogacy in 2015. It was really an amazing experience as it was a beautiful accommodation with full of standards in Ukraine. After my husband's semen collection, we were finally asked allowed to leave. But, we stayed a week there in Ukraine and me and my DH had our little vacations there; it was fun, anyway! Well, you should also try out clinics. This clinic was really comfortable and beneficiary to us in Ukraine. I was really relieved after it and I feel really lucky myself to have this facility regardless of its expensiveness.


enyfeke - November 4

"""Hi, Jane,

You're right - they do require medical certificates claiming infertility and approval for stimulation process.

In order to be sure that they will take up your case, you can just email them and see how they respond.

Further, a clinic in Ukraine (speaking from my personal experience, it's the best one) also provides a free consultation. I'd highly recommend that you avail that offer.

Let me know if you'd like to contact the clinic I'm bragging about, I'll try to pull out the details from the chat that I had with them before I paid a visit.

Oh! Silly me... I forgot to say congrats ;)

I said that because I think surrogacy definitely is the right choice for any woman who wants to realize her dream of becoming a mother but can't do it on their own because of infertility and related problems.

Anyhoo, good luck, Jane!"""



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