Clomid vs. Injections--any opinions?
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Lori - November 15

hi, i'm 27 & from st. louis. my dh (27) and i have been trying for over a year now and no luck. his semen analysis was fine--it seems to be all me. i went off the pill in july 04 and since then had irregular cycles (22-60 days). when i did get it, my af wasn't a "real" period, it was spotting brown mostly. i was getting +opk every month, but late (day 20-22ish), so i didn't think ovulating was my problem. my obgyn found my prog was low after i supposedly ovulated, so she decided to treat the "symptom" by supplementing me with prog, rather than figuring out that i probably wasn't ovulating adequately/good eggs, and trying to change that. we tried prog supplementation (sublingual--disgusting) from march-sept 05 with no other intervention. we have gone to an re since sept 05, who told us he would get me ovulating with clomid and we'd be good to go, and that taking the prog supp was ridiculous. so, to make an already long story a little shorter, we are on our 2nd month of clomid. last month hot flashes, had 2 or 3 follicules the right size to be released (per ultrasound), gave myself an injection of ovidrel and had timed intercourse. no luck. i don't know if i ovulated because we didn't do any post-ovulation bloodwork. (should we have?)i had a very light, brown 3-day period. i started my 2nd round after that (cd 3-7) 100mg for 3 days, 50mg for 2 days and had another us today. follicles ok, but lining very thin for having such a light period. he said the hot flashes are indicative of the low estrogen which is probably thinning my lining. not good. he doesn't think that clomid is probably going to be the right choice for me and we will likely want to do injections instead which won't have the anti-estrogen effects. just wondering if anybody has experienced these problems with clomid and if you've tried injections instead. thanks.


azgirl - June 2

I was put on clomid with IUI for three cycles but was uncessesful. After going off of it my last period was late. It seems to make the cycles longer when going off of it. I was switched to Repronex which is an injectable with IVF and it was successful the first time. my body did not respond to the clomid but did great on the repronex. It might be something you should look into. Good luck.


andy - July 12

hi!!! I´m 23 and TTC 10 months m/c on Dec and then not ovulating ... : ( ... well long story short ... I haven´t had clomid , my RE sent me FOSTIMON (FSH) shots directly ... he said this things are supposed to work much better than clomid, I didn´t have any side effects , weeeeeeeell I gained like 6 pounds in 8 days , but no pain !!! ... Í also had follicle monitoring , every 2-3 days till day 13 that I finally "O", then went for an u/s CD15 and verified 4 broken follicles at 24mm !!!!!! ... Haven´t had my blood checked , but my doctor send me 100mg of progeterone /8 hours ... This progesterone helps you to strenghten your linning and other stuff anti m/c ... I really hope this injections work ... I´m oficially in my 2ww ....



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