CAUTION with VIT. E supplements
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ellabella - January 18

Hi, just wanted to share my story in case there's anyone out there who can benefit. I started using vit. e 3 mos. ago because i had pretty bad scrapes from "sliding" in softball. I wanted to heal them asap. Well, i did my homework on it before taking it and everything i read said it was great for fertility. However, for the past 3 mos, i havn't been o'ing. I started thinking hard as to why i wasn't o'ing. Then it hit me that the only thing i was doing different was taking the vit. e. I did more research on it and found one site that said too much vit. e (300-600iu's) can lower prog. levels and interfere w/o. I stopped o'ing the same month i began vit .e and started o'ing this month soon after stopping vit. e. A coincidence? I think not:) I had to get that out there for anyone considering it for fertility. BTW, i also had an anov. cycle the same month i started taking Fertility Blend. These are the only times i've had anov cycles since i've been tracking for 2 years!! Maybe i'm just hypersensitive to supplements, but it's still good to be informed, right?



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