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krissy - April 22

i'm trying to get pregnant and had sex 2 weeks ago but now 2 weeks later i get my period can you still get your period and be pregnant.


wishingstar - June 10

i don't think so. menstruation only happens when you're not pregnant. constant sex can get you pregnant so make sex a habit!!! lol


thisbe - June 24

have sex on the days that you are ovulating and make it everyday if possible. if you get your period it only means one thing, NEGATIVE result..


samantha - July 11

i have had constant spotting when i was 3 weeks pregnant with my second child. my doctor told me that it was normal and just due to stress. i was just adviced not to do too much work and have a lot of rest. i don't know if we have the same experienced since mine was just spotting.


natasha cole - January 24

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dazzyshahu - August 29

Hello welcome dear to the online platform. I want to share my story which is beneficial for you in many ways. I am here to clear your doubts and help you to get through the confusion situation. My dear, it is not possible to get the periods again after getting pregnant. Even I got confused when I face the same situation in my life. But one of my friends clears my doubt and I finally come to know that it is not possible to have periods as well as pregnant. I would like to suggest you many things like test, treatment, diet which is beneficial for you in many ways. It is the time to take rest and need the complete support, love and care of your partner. It is the time to get pregnant and you need to take the step with positivity. I hope you would like my suggestion and keep the important things in mind. I am here to support you and clear all the doubts.
It is sure that you can’t feel the both things at the same time. You need to take care of your health and eat the balanced diet food daily. It is better to change your schedule and concentrate on your health. You need to eat the high nutrients foods and add the mineral and vitamins foods in your diet. It is beneficial for your health and help in balancing the hormones of the body. Moreover it keeps the reproductive system healthy and regular the immunity system too. To refresh the mind and soul you can go for the morning walk daily and you can do yoga and meditation. I hope to hear good news soon.


zawadipet - September 25

Dear, Krissy.
I have come across your question and thought I should respond to it. Well, you can't undergo your menstrual period when you are pregnant. What us women experience during pregnancy is called vaginal bleeding. Some women experience irregular bleeding which appears to them just like a regular period. However, vaginal bleeding that comes about during pregnancy isn't the same as menstruation. Menstruation cannot happen at a time when one is pregnant. Every month the uterus grows a lining of thick blood, which prepares itself for the egg to be embedded there when the time comes. When you do not get pregnant during that month, the tissue and blood end up being shed, which we refer to as the menstrual period. On the other hand, if the egg ends up being embedded in your uterine lining, then your hormones will automatically inform your blood-rich tissue not to go and instead remain intact to support your growing baby. It, therefore, means that you will not have to shed it again to start having your period, your menstruation will only come when your pregnancy is over. At no time will menstruation happen while you are pregnant. I would urge you to go to a fertility center, and you will get assistance aimed at seeing you become pregnant. Thanks.



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