BFP : Pls post along with your ttc story
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Christine - October 12

Hi ladies,
Please post all your BFP here each month along with your ttc story , it will motivate other women to hang in there. Pls mention if you did lap , iui, ivf, removal of cysts fibroids, how long ttc, what you did that month, if you had any miscarriages etc. i have been reading a few post and i thought this will be a great thread to start. so lets start in oct 05, and i hope this will be a long thread and i alond with you all will post here soon .ps include all the juicy details hsg, removal of cysts, fibroids, miscarriages,dh sperm analysis. i dont forget your age. let start posting ladies.


Paula - October 12

That sounds very encouring! Unfortunately i don't have a happy story yet but hopefully soon. ttc#2
Good thought girl i'll be sure to post a happy story soon.
How about you?


christine - October 13

Me too, i am hoping i have a lap then an appt with an re then i hope to have a BFP. baby dust to you all


amy - March 26

Here's my story..I had been ttc for 2 years with no luck, went to fertility MD and discovered i had hostile cm which killed my dh sperm, as well as, possible endometriosis (dx via hysterosalpingogram). The started me on IUI to bypass cm, got pregnant on 2nd try but u/f had miscarriage at 6 weeks. I then had a lap to clear out endo..tried IUI 5 more times with no luck. Decided to take a break from IUI and then I got pregnant on my own! I am now 15 weeks. So I guess the saying is true, it will happen when it is meant to happen. Hard to listen to when you are going through infertility, but truly I wasn't even thinking of ttc when i finally got a sense I had given up. Good luck to you all and baby dust!



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