Anyone experience Implantation Bleedng?
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mrose - January 12

I have recentley started ttc. I have been charting my temp and everything. Trying to do it as naturally as possible though. If my chart is accuarte I ovulated on the 4th, DH and I had intercourse on the night of the 3rd. It has now been 8 dpo. I am not due for AF until the 23rd or 24th. On the night of the 10th(two days ago) I had a very light pink spotting when I wiped. Then lastnight I had a very light spotting that was more of a brown color but it was very light and only once. I had a little bit of cramping yesterday morning, but no AF. I was trying to figure out if maybe this could be implantation bleeding? Has anyone else experienced this and then found out you were preg?


shelly - June 8

mrose , i have implant spotting when i fall pregnant my doctor says it can be quiet natural and that the unusual cramp is your body reacting to the implanting . good luck.



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