7 days past iui..what's considered normal?
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Ingrid 77 - September 8

Hi, I'm a newbie to the forum! I had my first iui done on 9/1 and am in the dreaded 2ww. I'm not sure what is normal. I constantly feel as if I am going to start my period because there's a dull ache in my lower abdomen that sometimes wakes me up at night. Before my iui, I took clomid for the first time then 2 injections of breville followed by my trigger shot 2 days before iui. When I went in for my sonogram I had a 17.5 follie and a few others ranging from 14-16 in size. 2 days later I had the iui done. My husband had 3.1 mill sperm (on the low side, I know) but the dr said he's not worried and not to get caught up in the numbers because I looked good for the iui. Anyway, is what I'm feeling normal after the iui process? We have been trying for 2.5 years with unknown fertility.


Nikki101 - December 1

Ingrid77 did your IUI work?


logullennyd - November 10

Hi Ingrid. It is normal. Your body is still producing estrogen. Your uterine lining is building up.However, due to lower progesterone levels, the lining isn't breaking up. This is why you are feeing the period-like pain. Let us know how it goes.


icanorrugo - November 10

Hello, Ingrid How are you? Welcome to the forum. You must consult your doctors. I have un comfortability and trust issues with Clomid. You must consult with at least 3 doctors. Why don’t you go for IVF or surrogacy? They both are very effective. Their procedures are being done best in Ukraine clinic. Take care of your health, diet and physical activity.



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