3 miscarriages in past 9 years
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logullennyd - October 31

Hello, there dear. Welcome to this forum. You will find plenty of support and advice here. I will say that just stay strong and don't give up. There are many options available. Such as surrogacy and adoption. Do think about those. Hopefully, they will be the solution you need to end your struggle.


jirrammissa - October 31

Hello, Milana, you have made a very good choice of discussing your problem here. It is better to share your problems with the people who are facing or have faced such problems. You might be able to get the best advice because of the different experiences of different people. The surrogacy procedure is not a complicated one. The first step is to contact and make an appointment with the clinic you wish to choose. Then you have to visit the clinic and they will take some necessary tests. Based on the results of those tests, a further process will be conducted. The clinic will be helping you to find a surrogate mother. Try hard to convince your husband, as surrogacy is the best option you have. I am recommending you to go for surrogacy because of my personal experience with it.


Estellla - January 29

Hello Milana! I'm so sorry for your situation. I'm in the same boat and I know how hard it is for you. I recognized myself in your post. My life is the same. I had 6 miscarriages. I lost 6 children… I hate myself for this. I don’t understand why me? What have I done to suffer like this? All of my friends have families. They have kids, they have everything! And here I am who can’t even carry my own child. Of course I’m happy for them! Sometimes they ask me to stay with their kids, when they have work or some other staff. I love to play with them, read fairytales and buy toys for them. I feel so happy at that moment! I imagine how it would be if my children were alive, with us… We were advised to use surrogacy. Now I'm collecting information about it. We hope to start our journey soon. Both my and his parents are against this idea. It would be much easier if they supported us. Well at least we have each other and we are onboard together. Dear, I hope you'll find option which will suit both of us and make you happy parents! Good luck!



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