1st time IUI
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Aunemom2b - August 18

I had my first IUI yesterday and wondering if anyone has success on the first try... a few friends tried numerous of times before effective. I'm very excited, as I have been trying for 2 years at age 37!!
The IUI was actually scheduled for tomorrow because all the calendars said that I would ovulate on Friday. Well how wrong they were. Thankfully I had taken an OV test. I didn't have time for a sonogram or shots. Now the waiting game!!!


aaishah1 - November 7

I wish you the best I will be going for my fisrst very soon ttc for 2yrs now just turned 32,,dh 28 I will be doing injection+IUI best of blessings to you all newby to the group


anglehawk - February 17

hello I am new to the forum and will be going for my first IUI treatment soon. Can anyone give me some information on the procedure and all that comes with it? thanks


lnb77 - February 22

Hi anglehawk! We had out first iui this month (13 days ago) and I got a positive hpt this weekend!! It can happen!! We've been trying to 2 years. Good luck with your first iui. What do you want to know about it? It's fairly easy....not at all intimate :( but well worth it!! I didn't feel any pain at all, I guess some feel cramping. I had light spotting a day afterwards but that was it. Had a neg hpt about 10 days later and then a positive 2 days after that on day 12.
Good luck! Let me know how it's going! babydust


jerika - November 29

Hey ladies! I hope everyone is doing fine here. I am a regular user of the forum. I keep on replying to others posts and have suggestions for myself. But this time I am here for my friend. She wants to go for IUI. But she is not confirm about the procedure. I am asking here because I did not want to start another thread as some of you are replying here. What clinic is good for her? Any experiences regarding IUI? Your suggestions will be of great help. Thanks.



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