who is the main cause of pregnacy
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Adil - April 5

is it man or the woman who is the main cause of pregnacy, if its the man then how? if its the woman then how?
If both of them are involved in love making, who does the credit goes to, is the man who sperms interacts with the woman ovary forms pregnancy. or the woman who bears the child for nine months in her womb.


Nancy - April 8

Women and men are equally responsible for causing a pregnancy. A man's sperm has to be healthy and able to swim up throught the cervix and the uterus, into the fallopian tubes to the egg. The egg also needs to be healthy in order to draw the sperm towards the it and then accept one sperm. As for who does the most work when it comes to pregnancy, that's obviously the woman since she has to carry the child for 9 months and her body goes through a lot during those months.


Brandi - July 21

Woman are the winner here! Men determine the sex of a baby! Woman are the carriers of the fetus and provide the homeland and the men give the chrosomes to the fetus that determine the sex, however, Men who have abnormal sperm, can actually cause birth defects in the fetus. Chances are very rare though! Women contribute chrosomes also! When we are all born, we all start out as females and if we have a extra chrosome then we become male! Hope this helps......



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