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Holly - March 17

I've been ttc for almost 3 years now and always feel let down every month when I get my period. My doctor suggested I try cognitive restructuring therapy. I have these horrible visions of being hypnotized and being given shock therapy or something. My doctor swears this isn't what cognitive restructuring therapy is but I'm still a bit skeptical of the whole thing. Has anyone else tried it? Did it help? Am I completely crazy for thinking that this type of therapy is going to "brainwash me"?


Viv - March 23

I don't think you are crazy at all and I have worked in the behavioral health field for over 15 years. Cognitive therapy will not brainwash you. You still have complete control. Essentially, you are training your brain how to respond to certain stimuli, such as getting your period and not being completely depressed. Rather than focusing on the sad and negative part, it will help you to maintain optimism and find the positives. The therapist will probably help you with relaxation methods also. Shock therapy is rarely used, and when it is used it is in extrememe cases, such as schizophrenia or severe bi-polar. Hypnotism is really more about relaxation, but is not typically used for this type of situation. I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to answer anything I can. Take care and baby blessings to you.



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