my stubborn, infertile husband
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allisonJ - June 11

The subject line says it all. I can't convince him to get any treatment!!! It's driving me crazy! He's been recently diagnosed with Varicoceles, enlarged veins in his scrotum. And I don't know why he just doesn't want to get help with this. He's got all these religious notions... that it's gonna happen if God wants it to happen and all that crap. I love and believe in God as much as the next person but I think it's just too much. I'm thinking of just doing this on my own.


Andrew.23 - June 14

maybe he's in denial? varicoceles can usually be treated by surgery. that's got to be painful, though. i can't imagine him not wanting to get that treated. is he scared of hospitals or doctors?


leonora - July 26

most probably he's afraid of surgeries. anyway, are there any treatment for this other than surgeries? i think i heard from a friend that his husband has this.



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