Long cycles
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Shauna - May 14

My cycles are getting longer and longer. By this I mean that my cycles were 28 days (consistantly). Then a year ago they became 33 days (consistanly). Now for the past two months they are 43 days. Could this be a sign of menopause. I am not upset if it is but I am only 30 and it would be a little weird if it is. Has anybody had this happen???


j3ssica - July 26

yeah, that's really weird!i don't think it's menopause, it's too early for that.i don't know what's causing it but just to be safe, i suggest you see a doctor.


princess - September 11

early menopause usually starts at age 38 and above. so yes, it's not an early menopause. visit your doctor soon because it could be something else.



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