Fish Odor & Pinkish Bleeding After Sex...
2 Replies
Abi - August 9

Is it normal to have a fishy odor and pinkish mucus-like dishcharge after sex? and yes I am pregnant in my first trimester..


iampg - August 16

looks like you got no takers for that question. Unfortunately you can get a fishy odor simply if either one if you eat fish. sardines & salmon can do it for me. I assume you're under pre-natal care so you can rule out the STD. As for the pink discharge - how often - is it just once, all the time or just since you were pg?


beverly - September 11

i don't know what's causing pinkish mucus discharge. i was thinking that it could be your period but you are pregnant so it's not possible.anyway, the fishy odor could be a yeast infection.visit your doctor.



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