drug use
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tiffany - September 25

how long does cocaine stay in mother and baby system?


JessicaG. - February 18

Cocaine can be very harmful to you and your baby, I am no doctor but I think that it can stay for a few days but the damage can go on forever, you could have a miscarriage, your baby could have all kinds of physical and mental development problems. Just if you have already done it STOP right away and continue as safley as possible. Also sure to let your doc know what has happened because if something is wrong he will be able to tell.


xx - February 28

it can stay in your system up to 5 days. once it is in your system baby is getting it also. depends how far along.


aimee - September 11

the baby gets to eat what the mother eats, gets to drink what the mother drinks and obviously got high if the mom takes drugs.


sofiabrun - July 7

How stupid are you??? I mean, i used to do cocaine when I was a teenager. Did not have any other stuff to do and was stupid enough to waste my health and money. But being pregnant???? Seriously? Can you imagine how harmful the drugs are? If you do not care about yourself, think about the baby at least. You might kill him, you might destroy his health. I know I have to be patient here, but like where do you even get those ideas of getting high, being pregnant. Retards…



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