Does the father ever have a change of heart?
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anxious - May 19

After a 2 years, he freaked out and said he loved me but I would be on my own if I chose to keep the baby. After 4 months he has not come around yet-do I wait or move on?


april - May 23

Honey dont give up your baby.. if you do that one day you will regret it... . no man is worth your child.... and if he is that kind of a man hes not worth holding onto! if my man was to say that i wold have left him standing in his spot! i dont know how andone could choose too give away something that they made .. something that is apart of them well im not saying he want leave you but if he loves you he want... sorry you are in this situation... if you decide to give it up now you will change your mind when you see your baby and he will too if he is a man!!



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