Dad to be never home
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eggrole - August 23

I am 26 weeks pregnant and it seems that the dad to be is never around. He has a motorcycle and has made some friends in another state that he goes and rides with. Last week he was out till after I was asleep 6 out of 8 nights. Usually till 2:00 in the morning. It seems like he is rebeling or something. He says he loves me and is happy that we are going to be a family, but I am beginning to feel very lonely. What should I do. I am hoping this is just a phase, how do I know?


monica - September 11

stop thinking about him as this may affect your baby.if he doesn't come home on time, so be it!your baby needs you and i think that's more important than anything else.


isabelle - September 11

he doesn't deserve to be a dad! i think it's much better that he's not around cause he's very irresponsible knowing that he's already going to be a dad soon.


maryparrish - July 7

I cannot even imagine anything like that. My hubby was always around before I got pregnant. He does not even leave me alone when I am about to give a birth to our child. I have all his attention, time, and efforts. No offence, but I just think that he is either irresponsible for real or scared for real. Have a sit and talk to him. There is no issue that can be solved. I was annoyed with my husband being all over me all the time. We talked together and decided both of us need some kind of private space. For example, time with friends not in common. Speak to each other. It is simple as that. You have no other choice to be honest. Even if you found out he does not care, what can you do for now? I believe nothing, because you do not want to leave yourself as a single mom. You need to focus on explaining him how important it is to be a father and a loving husband. I truly believe one day he would understand how wrong he was, leaving you alone!


Arose - September 30

Hi, I think you are overreacting. Thus, I advise that you take it easy and nature the pregnancy. Normally, men are always jumpy the first few days of marriage. However, things change when babies start coming. I guess the man gets bored sitting at home watching movies and talking to you alone. He needs to get out and mingle with the rest of the men in the world. Remember he is at the peak of developing his career and as you have mentioned, he is a motorcyclist who must train hard to enable him to compete effectively. So since he tells you where he is going, I think the best thing you should do is to stop worrying too much and focus on the baby you are carrying. I also wish to advise you that men do change. As long as you use the right skills, it is possible to fine tune a man and models him into what you want. However, most women think that they can score more by becoming violent and abusive. So talk to your man, and I am sure he will increase the time he spends at home.



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