Are sore, very red nipples a sign of pregnancy?
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sampr - April 25

Hello Ladies,
I have been experiencing some symptoms that make me think I am pregnant. I was due for my period on 4/13/05....I had unprotected relations w/my hubby on the 11th. I started spotting later that day and again on the 12th. Then nothing on the 13th. But I started having more of a period on the 14th ,15th, & 16th. Through all of this I just felt different....Extremely tired, ravenous, bmx3-4 daily for a few days, and a wierd "tugging sensation" over my uterus. I should be OV right now but tests have not shown an lhs. But my nipples are sooooooo sore and they look like they have been sunburned!! (no sunbathing here) Could this be OV symptoms or could I actually be pregnant? I would be thrilled!!
Has anyone else had these symptoms during OV?
Thanks so much!


kc - May 10

that is a sign of pregnancy, but i would not assume that you are preg because are bodies are all different.


d - June 14

were you pregnant? I am experienciing the same thing and i was wondering if you were pregnant


eirich - September 11

i am positive that you are pregnant base on the signs and symptoms that your body is showing. but that is just my opinion, take pregnancy test just to make sure.



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