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??? - March 3

my husband and i have been ttc for 2yrs. i'm xconsidering signing up for one of those mind/body retreats...has anyone gone to one? what are they like? can anyone recommend one?


Beth - March 4

I don;t know about that but I have also heard of hypnosis to help with getting pregnant (haven't tried it though).


??? - March 4

thanks beth...if you don't mind my asking, have you tried any of the alternative treatments (acupuncture, herbs)?


Beth - March 4

I have not tried anything. We've been ttc for 9 months and each month I keep thinking that it has to happen. We have a daughter and got preg. the first time we tried.


Jen - March 4

I have tried the energy healing, which is the mind/body treatment. I have only done it once and it hasn't worked yet, but I have scheduled a second session. I figure, it can't hurt. Good luck.


Vasiliy - May 28

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Lynn - June 29

I have had someone that i knoe that did the acupuncture in the stomach around the overy area. In that monthe she becoame preg.



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