Alternatives to IVF
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Bethnet - February 20

Having been unable to get pregnant for a long time and subject to an on-going IVF program, which spanned a period of 4 years and included many types of painful and expensive treatments, I was amazed to find that much of what I went through could well have been avoided!
Not that I am complaining about the outcome, which was the birth of my son in August 2000. What I would have welcomed though, was the knowledge that can be found on
The information that is given here, by a doctor's wife and supported by well known IVF specialists, such as Professor Lord Robert Winston, could well have saved me thousands in costs and hours of painful drug treatment, by increasing my chances of pregnancy by up to 3000%!
It is rather disturbing to read Professor Winston's comments in The Guardian newspaper of May 31st 2007, where he was particularly scathing about his colleagues in the IVF industry, who had been "corrupted by money" and were "exploiting women who were desperate to get pregnant"!
What I am saying here is, that instead of jumping straight into an IVF treatment period of 4 very expensive and emotionally exhausting years, I would have first tried the natural and inexpensive solutions that are available from this web site.
I would be interested in hearing about the experiences of other women who have gone through the trauma of IVF treatments, whether successful or not.


yzza - July 16

my sister went through IUI procedure for multiple cycles but had not succeeded and then tried 4 IVF cycles which eventually helped her got pregnant.


Anjlina - September 26

Hello dear, My friend did an egg donor. Now she has a baby. She got the egg from her sister-in-law. Initially, she has done IVF using her own eggs. But she has a very poor egg quality. Due to which IVF become unsuccessful for the first time Then doctors suggest to donor egg.



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