Alternative treatments
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MM 40 - December 8

Has anyone every tried the product Ovulex? I'm looking into alternative treatments and I came across this product on the internet. I'm also thinking about accupuncture. I just recently failed an IVF cycle and I'm not sure if we'll do it again (money being one reason). We've been trying for about 3 years now. Any information would be appreciated!


Stef - December 29

I would certainly try accupuncture. It has amazing success. Also there are many herbs you can try. Red Raspbery mixed with Red clover is VERY effective. Good luck and God bless!


shen - May 10

hi, i'm taking chinese herbs after trying for some time on clomid, iui with seems more effective for reply me if u r interested and i can recommend u :)


jknutt1 - May 24

I found a lot of people who are taking it (on fertility forums dated last year), but couldn't find more than one or two follow-up success stories....



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