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Christina - May 18

hey girls, i am wondering if anyone has been through adoption process yet or has any info, though my husband and i are still trying we want to look in to other options, thanks for any advice or info. God Bless.


Heather - June 29

I truely thinkyou are a life saver for chosing to go that route. i have always said that if I could not conceiv that would be my way. Alot of children out there need that special love and effection as well as the next baby born. Good luck and God bless you.


christina - March 27

thanks! a little late i havent been in here in awile, but we are about 8 months into the process and a few more to go, finally i will be a mom after 8 long years of ttc, adoption made it possible!


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 8

After 16 years of infertility treatments adoption was our miracle. We have been blessed with two open adoptions! We are wishing to adopt one last time! I would love to talk with any of you taking the same route :)


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 9

That is great Christina :) As a former infertility patient we have been blessed to adopt twice. I would love to talk with you :)


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 17

Anyone else out here hoping to adopt? We are wishing to form an open adoption plan with a courageous birthmother.


charr - August 18

Iwould love to adopt if I could find some way to afford it. I've looked into it but found the amount of money needed discouraging was thinking if I didnt concieve after a few more options I might try foster-adopt but I really would love an infant since Ive never had one.


Tinkerbell-Tink - August 25

Char this discouraged us to in the beginning. We have kept our costs down through our two open adoptions by cutting out the agency or facilitator. I have networked and found our daughters birthmothers myself through networking. We have an adoption attorney and once things get on a more comfortable level when I meet a woman who wants to form an adoption plan I give her our lawyers telephone number. From there she is counseled by an ASP and we retain a lawyer for her. Most lawyers work out a plan to pay in increments. That is how we were able to afford it.
The fost/adopt program works well for many people but if you would like an infant you might want to try a private fost/adopt agency like Angels.
Don't ever give up on your dream!!


steve - July 10

how much does adoption cost?? are we going to shoulder all the expenses??



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