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want2bamom - March 17

I want to try acupuncture to help me and my husband conceive. He wont even consider it. Any one have any suggestions as to how to get my husband to try it? If you have any success tales that I could share with him, that would be great! Thanks!


Sofia - April 6

Go for it! I did it in late October and I conceived on Nov 5th. My husband didn't have anything done---I did...And it was quick and painless! Good luck!


L - April 7

I just started it last week so I don't have a whole lot to report other than you can really feel "something happening" down there in your tummy - it started after my 2nd session. I'm also taking herbs (given by my acupuncturist) to try to regulate my af and to increase fertility.


L - April 7

Oh yeah - it'a also waaaaaaaaaaaay relaxing!


Ladybug - November 20

In researching acupuncture and infertility, I would suggest you just go for it yourself if your husband doesn't want to go. I am about to embark on my 2nd IVF cycle, and am seriously thinking of adding acupuncture as part of the IVF treatment. Has anyone gone through IVF with acupuncture treatments? If so, what was your experience (i.e. did you feel more relaxed, were you able to conceive,etc. )


lakshmi - March 7

Hi I'm 37 and gone through one ivf, two iui and now taking metformin. i am also thinking about acupuncture. Anyone knows a good acupuncturist in pa, md or virginia area. If so, pls let me know. Thanks


Katt - March 18

well i am not sue about pa, md or va but my doctor's office offers acupuncture - I didn't know it could aid in conception, I'll have to talk to him about it next time I visit. I go to Center for Alternative Medicine 3358 Teays Valley Rd Hurricane, WV just west of Charleston.


m4pinfo - March 20

I have Male fertility issues(azoospermia) and i live in New Jersey. After trying many treatments for the past 4 years i finally came to know about a famous Acupuncturist in Canada who has succeeded in curing many cases like me. I underwent a 15 days treatment in Canada 2 months back. Now my test reports shows an encouraging improvement. Now, as per his advice i have to undergo the next course of treatment as soon as possible. But, i'm in a tuff situation, that if i take any leave....i may loose my, i don't want
to go to Canada right now. But, i need to take the treatment. So i requested my Doctor if he can travel to NJ. Finally he agreed that he can come if there are a couple of patients more and he just can't come here for 15 days just for me.

So, Guys if any of you are looking to undergo accupuncture treatment from a trained specialist...kindly mail me at kumar_usa (at) hotmail (dot) com. I can tell you the full details of the Doctor, You can talk to him and let's discuss.....I'm not trying to market people here but, hope you guys understand my situation.....He is not just an Acupuncturist but a Famous Doctor with 35 years of experience. This Doctor not only treats Infertility but also many disorders like below.

Asthma, Arthritis, Spondylosis, Backache, Migraine, Obesity, Impotence, Addictions, Skin Diseases, Infertility, Azoospermia, Aplastic Anaemia, Optic Atrophy, Parkinsonism, Strokes, Speech disorders, Insomnia, Nodular Goiter, Calcaneal Spur, Poliomyelitis, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Bell's Palsy, General Fatigue, Hypertension and Oedema, Diabetes, Alzheimer's
Disease, Nerve Deafness, Sinusitis, Optic Atrophy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Sports injuries, Mental retardation, Muscular Dystrophies, Cosmetic breast correction, Female Infertility etc. I have just named a few.

You can contact me at kumar_usa (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you are interested we can bring the Doctor here are get treated. In this way we can save and get mutual benefit. Kindly mail me at kumar_usa (at) hotmail (dot) com.


sweetestchic - April 25

my chinese herbalist told me that they have treatments for a number of sessions to treat infertility that consist of herbs and acupuncture .. she also said that there are treatments that can increase the possibility of twins (yet they dont gaurentee it) ..


feliza - June 21

wow, i never heard of anyone who has gone acupuncture and get pregnant. is that even possible? if that's the case then it would be a great option for those who wants to get pregnant with tight budget considering that this procedure doesn't cost much. isn't it?



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