Foods For Fertility

We all know we're supposed to maintain healthy dietary habits, and most of us know that eating a well-balanced diet can increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy with a successful outcome. But what you might not have known is that there are foods you can eat to boost your chances of conception.

The Bandwagon

Yes, we're all well-aware by now that we're supposed to stop drinking alcohol and attempt to eat the recommended amounts from each of the main food groups while we're trying to make babies, but there is a significant body of research to support the idea that eating specific foods can help one conceive. Every day, more people are jumping on the foods-for-fertility bandwagon: organic foods activists, herbal medicine practitioners, nutritionists, food scientists, and physicians. It seems that certain foods and food groups are powerhouses that can fuel and speed the baby-making process.

If you have been in the dark about these amazing fertility-boosting foodstuffs, you might have been one of the millions worrying for the last several months and years about your seeming inability to become pregnant. You may have wondered whether you might suffer from some kind of ovulatory dysfunction, or whether you and your partner are having "enough" intercourse. Maybe you've gone further afield in your musings and wondered about your partner's culpability: maybe it's his sperm—must be weak, not enough of them, abnormal.

The Environment?

Perhaps you wondered if stress might be a factor or even thought about the environment: could it be that electric line so close to my home—electromagnetic fields and so forth? It's funny how you most likely thought about everything except your diet and how eating the right foods might impact on your fertility.

The latest, 2009 figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 7.4% of all married U.S. women suffer from infertility. The definition of infertility is attempting for a year or longer to become pregnant with no success. While sometimes a definitive cause can be attributed to a couple's infertility, for instance low sperm counts or ovulatory dysfunction, the majority of cases remain unexplained. This fact has spurred many nutritionists and physicians to examine the issue of dietary factors a little bit closer.

Meantime, there are of course, the naysayers: experts who insist that the idea of specific foods as fertility boosters is a lot of hooey. These experts say the important thing is to eat a balanced, nourishing diet with enough calories, but not too many. Being over or underweight is more important as a factor in conception than eating wonder-foods. Still, if you've got those bases covered, it can't hurt to try some of those fertility foods. You've got nothing to lose.  

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