Pain with clomid around ovulation
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Holly - November 26

I would like to know if anyone has ever had really bad pain while around ovulation time after taking clomid? Cramping pain..pain that it feels like your ovaries are gong to burst. I went to the ER and they said it was probably a cyst that popped (they did an US and said something about a colapsed/twisted follicle..I have never had this much pain whith cysts..I could not even walk..Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Shannon - November 27

I have experienced the same thing. I have taken clomid 6 times now. I have had two cysts. They both went away on their own. The first one was fine but the second one was terrible. I just about went to the hospital because I didn't know what was happening. My doctor later told me that it sounded like a cyst had burst. Also, even when I didn't have a cyst, I had ovulation pain where it felt like my ovaries were massively inflammed and were about to burst. I still get this feeling sometimes even when I am not taking clomid. My doctor and my specialist both informed me that this was normal and an unfortunate side effect of clomid. My doctor told me she has one patient who used clomid for all three of her pregnancies and she still experiences pain during intercourse and her kids are now in their teens. I also can experience pain during intercourse during ovulation. It does hurt but unfortunately, it is a side effect of clomid. Knowing this, I made the choice to use it anyways since I really want a baby. I am no longer using clomid though because it seems to do more harm than good. Good luck to you.


me - November 27

I have not used clomid, however, hopefully this can shed some insight on your issue. I was diagnosed with PCO 2 months ago. I never had cysts before in my life. Last month, I felt like another cyst was forming, and had a lot of cramping, pressure and pain on my right side. A cyst is just a fluid like sac around an egg, so if it bursts, you are hopefully releasing the mature egg. Yes, you get variable pain, but once it bursts the pain should subside. As for my utlrasound, I went in to my RE and got one the day I got the huge pain in my side. They didn't see anything that showed that I had a ruptured cyst, but I knew my body and felt like I did. I thought it was a cyst bursting and sure enough it was. The kicker is, I am now 5 weeks pregnant! Ultrasounds are not always interpreted correctly, so I would just chalk it up to you ovulating. Hope this helps! Good luck!


Holly - November 27

Thank you Shannon and Me... If this is the side effects from clomid I really don't know if I want to take it again. This was very scary that this happend at work..I thought I was going to pass out ..I thought that it was my apendix..It scared the heck out of me. I have had cyst before..for about 3yrs now and the dr figures that it is PCOS... I just have never had this pain before..ever. I hope that it is ovulation..when I have had cysts pop on me they never ever hurt this much. I was put on BCP to try to help with the PCOS but it increased my cysts..I usualy only get two but the last time on the BCP I had over 9 cysts. I wish that my body would work with me for once. I have a wonderful..beautiful 9yr old so I know that my body can co-operate with me..I had a tubal in 2001 (was given methotrexate to fix that) so I have both my ovaries/tubes etc.. I just would love one more child..maybe I should just let my body decide on it's own instead of using clomid..but on the other had nautural is not working at the moment. Shannon.. did you get it looked into further for the cyst? If they would have told me that this was a side effect I don't know if I would have taken it at all. I had hot flashes on clomid and was glad when they were over..but I wonder if the pain was egg (s)? being released? They were not to sure if it was a cyst..they said that there were signes of a cyst..but I heard folllicle.. still the waiting game then. It hurts to have intercourse with the it is hard to concieve when I don't want DH to touch me.. Good luck to you too.. Congrats ME.. Did you feel like you were going to pass out with the cramping pain? My pain was very intense..I feel much better today (2 days later) Do you think it would be more than one egg releasing? I also wonder if it would be the hormones being more intense? (I read that clomid intensifies hormone stimulation) I really was scared that it was my hurt that bad..nice to be reasured by the dr that it was not though..I just wonder why I had a 12.5 white blood cell count? (stress?) Thank you for your responses ladies...congrats ME! *~*Baby Dust*~*


Holly - November 27

sorry forgot to ask .... Shannon..did you have this kind of pain the first time you took clomid? This is my first round..if so does it get worse? Thanks


Holly - November 28



Shannon - November 28

I didn't ever get my doctor to look into the cysts more. The first one I had showed up on an ultrashound. I never knew it was there. I had some pain but it was nothing compared to the second time I got the cyst. I didn't even realize the first one had burst. The second one was so much worse. My doctor said the fluid from the cyst is released and this causes inflammation and irriation in the abdomen which is exactly what it felt like. It felt like everything was horribly inflammed and about to burst. I have had a lot of tests done for my unexplained infertility but nothing has ever turned up. The first round of clomid caused me a lot of pain especially since I wasn't used to ovuatlion pain. Sometimes the pain is worse during intercourse but it was unbearable when the cyst burst. The pain from the cyst bursting only really lasted one day. The pain from the clomid is ovulation pain when there is no cyst. Sometimes it is really painful and other times it is just a minor irritation. It is definately identifiable though since it feels like your ovaries are about to burst. I wondered if these side effects were worth it. If it had worked, I would say definately since we have been ttc for over 2 years. However, it didn't work but it was a chance a I had to take. I am not sure what is right for you but whatever it is good luck and lots of baby dust.


Holly - November 28

Hi Shannon, I see that you mentioned that pain is worse during intercourse.. would this occur after a cyst bursts? I was doing a bit better on Sunday ..but after intercourse yesterday I am really hurting today..I have taken two advils and two tylonols and I still hurt .. I am going in to see the dr later today and try to get some answers. I hope that you concieve..2yrs is a while..just the same as 8yrs.. seems like forever.. I agree..I don't know if the side effects are worth it. When is the pain/uncomfortableness supsosed to go away?? I want to go home and cry and sleep. *~*baby dust*~*


Shannon - November 28

Hi Holly,
I am glad that you are going to your doctor. It is always best to get your doctor to check things out just in case something else is wrong. When I had pain during intercourse, it was around ovulation time and when my cyst burst. However, the pain did not persist afterwards. The pain was only during intercourse. The pain with a bursting cyst should only last a couple of days from what I was told. However, the pain from using clomid - that is the ovulation pain and pain during intercourse around ovulation can last forever even when you are no longer taking clomid. My doctor has one patiend who experiences pain now and has not used the clomid in over fifteen years. I know it doesn't sound promising but I will say that it did get me ovulating again and I wasn't ovulating before the clomid. For this reason, I think it was necessary for me to do this even though it didn't result in a pregnancy. My doctor put me on progesterone cream and thinks this will work. I really hope so because I am starting to lose hope. I hope your doctor appointment goes well. Let me know what you find out. Lots of luck and baby dust.


Holly - November 28

Hi Shannon, Well the dr said that it was normal for me to have these pains. I got right in to see the fertility dr so that made me happy. They were able to do an US right there today and said that my right ovary has follicles which is normal..the left one had one ..and she said that it shows that I ovulated..woo hoo! Lets hope that this works..she also said I have a cyst the size of a quarter and that could have caused the pain. She said that there is free floating fluid so the cyst bursting could have been the pain or the ovulation could have been the pain. They checked to make sure that my ovaries did not enlarge and said that they were fine. She said that everything looked normal and that it was good that I ovulated on 50mg of clomid with one follicle.. I am glad that there is some good if I can get PG that would make me verey happy.. :o) I don't know if I want to take it again..just because of the pain. I hope that the cream works for you..I can't use makes me very cranky! PMS symptoms are worse than on clomid for me..I hope it works for you. The pain only really acts up after I have intercourse..who the heck wants to be with someone when they are in pain..I usually don't. Please don't loose hope..I really hope that the cream works for you.. Have a great Tuesday.. **Dust**


Shannon - November 29

Hi Holly, I am glad to hear that everything is fine. That is great that you ovulated. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. The cream made me really emotional for the first few weeks until everything evened out. Once everything had worked itself out, I was find. However, the first two weeks, I thought I was going crazy - crying one minute for no apparent reason, angry the next and then happy. It was nuts and my poor husband had to put up with me. The things we will go through to try and get pregnant. Oh well, it will all be worth it if it works. AF is due early next week so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It would be the ultimate Christmas gift. I hope things work out for you this month. It sounds promising if you ovulated. Lots of baby dust and my fingers are crossed for you.


Holly - November 29

Hi Shannon..thank you :o) Good to hear that your hubby could tollerate you whith your hormones all over the place.. that is a sign of a good man.. lol you are right..the things we do for pregnancy... but what about the pain of having the baby?? lol I don't think we think to much about that (or worry about it until the time comes.) I have to go for a blood test on Saturday..not too sure what for..check levels? I will cross my fingers for you.. That would be such a cool Christmas gift.. :o) **Baby Dust** and fingers crossed for you too..have a great tuesday.


Shannon - November 29

Holly, you are right about the birth of child and the pain. I don't even think about it. I think it is worth it anways. When you have been ttc for over 2 years, you really appreciate everything and anything that relates to getting pregnant and having the baby. I am not really worried about it - not yet anyways. Maybe once I am pregnant I will start to worry but right now all of my focus is on getting pregnant. I would assume that your blood test is just to check hormone levels. When I took clomid, for the first three months I had to do blood tests on certain days to check my hormone levels in order to determine whether or not the clomid was working. I am sure this is what they are doing for you. Anyways, good luck with everything.


KellyN - November 29

Hi Holly. YES! I have experienced exactly what you did with the clomid. My first round was the worst, since I had 7 follicles. I have noticed through the months that the pain is not as bad with fewer follicles. This pain means that you have ovulated. I kind of feel like there is a wierd painful emptiness one one side, then the other. I figure this is because the follicles are releasing their eggs, and all that fluid around the eggs. My first time I couldn't walk either. This time, I took Tylenon (don't take aspirin or ib (Advil/Motrin/etc. because it is bad for the potential pregnancy) just as it was starting, and the pain was not nearly as bad. Good luck!


... - November 30



Holly - November 30

Hi Shannon and KellyN.... lol I am trying not to think of pain as I did not even have contractions with my daughter.. I knew that my water broke..but I ended up with an emergency the only pain I had was from the surgery. I know that it would be worth it. TTC for 8yrs does show me how many things I really appreciate.. I am cd20 so just a short wait until I can test. Thank you for explaining the blood test..thank you for the good luck wishes.. KellyN..I am glad that I am not alone.. good to know tat I have ovulated...that is good! :o) I hope that the one egg (or more) was a good one and that DH has fast That is a bad pain to have long did yours last for? It felt like bad cramping ..and now just dull aching here and there. I have taken tylonol and advil? I will ask my dr about that as she said it was ok.. Thank you so much for the info good to know others in my situation. **Dust**


.... - December 1




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