Ovulation without thermal shift??
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soimpatient - November 6

Does anyone know if it is possible to ovulate and not experience a thermal shift. I had a +opk, ewcm & SHOW cervix and I felt, what I thought was, ovulation pain. Unfortunately, it has been 5 days since my positive opk and still no temp. rise. I know that it is possible to have a positive opk and not ovulate...I'm just wondering if anyone has heard if it is possible to ovulate without seeing a temp rise?


chandellina - November 6

it would surprise me, but then i have had perfect temp rises in cycles where my progesterone test showed no ovulation, so go figure.


lealani - November 6

I used Firtility Friend to track my ttc adventure...after while I quit temping and just used it to keep track of my last period date...but anyways they have a great chart gallery and you can put in your spefications on your search and it will pop up a million charts...I got preggers after 25months of trying...so God Bless your endevours!


tk07 - November 6

when i brought my charts to my doctor and he looked at a couple months with barely a shift he said i wasn't ovulating. have you been charting for a while?


soimpatient - November 7

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I have been charting for a year and I know that I (typically) don't ovulate. I've already tried clomid (unsuccessfully). This cycle I had all of the fertile signs without a noticeable shift. I am wondering if it is possible to o even though your chart doesn't show it. Thanks again girls!


hmeinrenken - November 7

soimpatient- a friend of mine went on Clomid and was charting her temperatures. She ovulated and got pregnant, but her temperature never shifted. Hope this helps!


soimpatient - November 7

Thanks HME!


tk07 - November 8

this is my first month of clomid and my temps in the first phase are really erratic so i can barely see the shift, probably like how hmeinrenken said about her friend. i guess everyone is different and maybe bbt doesn't work for everyone either. good luck to you!



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