one year still no baby bump
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sunflower.262 - June 11

where do i begin? i dont really want to make this a long essay about my whole ordeal but we've tried things the natural way and things are just not working. i guess one year is enough time to wait? i'm in the middle of packing for a vacation my husband and i are taking. it's a baby making vacation my mom said. this is her gift to us. sun, beach, alcohol and sure sex is going to happen and i hope this it. i hope next month is going to be different. im really frustrated because i have 2 sisters and they all had no problems giving birth so this isn't genetic or anything. meantime, where do i start? do i get tested immediately? who gets tested first? me or my husband?


honeymae - June 14

you can both see a health care provider and start get testing. maybe you still have a time, before your vacation starts. when the test results come in, they're going to discuss treatment with you. have fun on your vacation, by the way. :+)


olivia - July 28

get yourselves tested the soonest possible, stay calm and relax, have a real good long sex and enjoy. it may not promise you to get pregnant but it will make your relationship grow stronger.


cristy - September 10

it's better to have yourselves check out before you even start trying for early treatment if ever.if you have been trying for a year now, then give it a few more months.


eloisa - September 11

make an appointment to see your gyne as a couple.actually it takes 1-2 years for a normal couple to takes time, so you both need to be very patient.


larryjames - September 18

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