Need cycle buddies for September
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HeatherP - September 13

Hi All! I am new to the boards and have been ttc over a year. I am 34 and DH is 32. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility about 5 months ago. I had two early miscarriages last year. I have tried Clomid/IUI 3 times with no luck and this will be the first month I am trying the injectibles and IUI. Very nervous about using the injectibles and what the side effects will be. I am on cycle day 6 and have done 2 days of shots so far. Starting to feel a little bloated and sore around my ovaries already. Hoping for a BFP this month! Baby dust to all of us!!


Sav - September 14

Hi Heather. I am 36 Dh 38. I have one ds who is two. I had one miscarriage before him and 3 in the last year. No reason for them at this stage. I will start injectibles next cycle so am interested to know how you go on them and hopefully hear of BFP. Which one are you on? I am really nervous about it as well. Hope the bloating is a great sign!


HeatherP - September 14

I am using Bravelle - 150 mg each night. Tonight will be my 4th night using the injections(I am on cycle day 6). Going tomorrow for an ultrasound to see how I am responding to the medication and how my follicles are doing. I can say that I am definitely having less side effects than using Clomid and I have a lot more fertile CM. Now I am just waiting for my follicles to mature so I can do an IUI. Are you using any medications right now? Are you trying natural or doing IUI? Let me know if you have any questions on the injections.


Sav - September 15

Hi Heather. I will be on Bravelle as well, don't know how much yet. I am on nothing at the moment. My RE had me on the pill for a month and a half to bring down LH levle and whilst waiting for test results to get back. The lab assistant then stuffed and took me off the pill sooner than I should have as I still hadn't sorted out insurance etc, etc. We decided to just try a natural cycle this time and then start injectibles. We will do natural once I am on injectibles. I am also doing accupuncture to try and shorten the length of my cycles. At this stage I will try anything! I hope tomorrows ultrasound goes well and shows follicles doing everything right. What day do you expect to ovulate or will you have to do a trigger shot? A silly question but do you need to refrigerate Bravelle and also how often are you going for ultrasounds?


HeatherP - September 15

I usually ovulate around the 14th but not sure if it will be the same being on the injectibles this time. My u/s this morning went well. I have 4 follicles so far. 1 on the left and 3 on the right. They are still not big enough to trigger yet (6, 8,9 and 15) but it is only cycle day 8 and still early. I am going for an u/s and bloodwork every two days until I trigger. In regards to your question on Bravelle, you do not need to refrigerate - room temp is fine unless you have leftovers and then you would want to refrigerate. Does your insurance cover any of your procedures? Unfortunately mine doesn't at all. It's starting to get expensive. Hopefully I will get a BFP from this cycle. How are you liking the acupunture? I was thinking of trying that myself. Hope you have a great weekend!!


Sav - September 16

Glad everything is progressing as it should. What size do they like before they will trigger? Are you feeling nice and bloated? Unsure about insurance I think it will cover abit but still waiting for doc office to get back to me about a few things. Acupuncture is good. Certainly helps with the stress of it all as i feel alot calmer in the couple of days after it. I haven't seen any other changes in cycle or so yet but he said it will take a couple of months. Have a great ,hopefully relaxing, weekend


HeatherP - September 19

Well I went for another ultrasound on Sunday and my largest/dominant follicle was 18. The nurse said I was ready and I had my IUI yesterday. Now I am in the 2 week waiting period. Where are you in your cycle right now?


Allison35 - September 20

Hi! I am 35. We have been trying for 18 months. Miscarriage 11/05. I have one child with my true husband. I am on Clomid (50mg). Days2-6. Currently on day 12. this is my first month.


Sav - September 21

Welcome Allison, what a long road we have all been on but hopefully we are all getting closer to our dreams. Do you think you will ovulate soon? Heather you must be relieved to have finished the injections. Are you on progesterone as well? I am about 3DPO but not at all confident about this cycle. My RE is adamant that pregnancy from ovulation after day 18 will most likely end in miscarriage. I ovulated on either day 18 or 19 so we didn't really try. If by some chance I was pregnant I would be very nervous as my last two miscarriages where after I ovulated on day 18. But strangely am looking forward to injectables next cycle. THe doc has finally decided on Gonal F. Insurance will cover meds but not doc visits, which I guess isn;t too bad. Have a great day and and talk to you soon


Allison35 - September 21

Sav, I am supposed to ovulate by 9/23. Trying every other night.


HeatherP - September 21

Welcome Allison! Are you getting any ultrasounds/bloodwork done this cycle? I hope you ovulate soon and get your BFP this month!
Sav - Good luck to you as well! I too am excited about moving up my treatment to the injectables. I have never heard of miscarrying if you don't ovulate by a certain date?? I will have to ask my RE and see if he says the same thing. I ovulate around the 14th and still had 2 early miscarriages. Gosh, I hope the next couple of weeks go by fast. I am 3dpo as well. I think I would rather be taking the shots than in the 2WW. Waiting is the most agonizing part to me. I am not taking progesterone since my bloodwork said I produced enough to sustain a pregnany but have taken Estrogen in the past to help build up my uterine lining. Mine is a little too thin. Hoping for BFP's for all of us!


Sav - September 22

Hi. Know what you mean abouthe tww Heather but I usually ovulate between CD 15-21 so it is the shortest time span for me. I usually stress more over when I am going to ovulate! My RE thinks that any egg over 18 days is starting to age so is basically not conducive to staying healthy. I know that there are certainly many cases against and my son is probably one as I never seem to ovulate early, but I guess I was a few years younger then. Anyway hope you make the best of the next couple of days Allison and then you hae the joy of joining us in the tww.


HeatherP - September 25

Morning! How is everyone? Where is everyone in their cycle? I am 7dpo. Hoping this week goes by fast so I can know one way or another. Looks like we are going to go for IVF if this cycle is a bust. Trying to stay positive. Hoping we all get our BFP's this month!!


Sav - September 25

Hi I am with you Heather 7DPO so only another week to go. Do you go in for bloodwork to get results? Hope you have lots of nice things planned to make the days go faster. I don't have anything out of the usual routine. Hope to catch up with a friend who has just had her second and catch some sticky baby dust. Hopefully you wont need IVF, that is a big decision to make. You are probably in the 2ww as well Allison, hope all is well and you are keeping busy.


HeatherP - September 25

No nothing special planned. Just working and trying to keep my mind occupied! I only go in for bloodwork if I test positive on a home test on 14dpo which will be Oct 2nd. 7 more days to go! When will you be testing?


Mercedes32208 - September 27

hi ladies sorry for just popping in on your thread but i saw its for cycle buddies and figured you ladies would like a place you could talk to each other live its a new site but the people are friendly and are also ttc so come on over and lets all be cycle buddies


Sav - September 27

Hi I probably won't test until the 3rd or 4th. If Af is going to arrive hopefully it will be tuesday so I can go in for Ultrasound on Fri. Do you have any thoughts either way, feeling any unusual symptoms? I have come down with the flu but no other exciting things. Usually my bb's are sore by now I am taking it as a good thing that they are not as maybe my hormones are finally in alighnment. Have a good day



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