How many times should we have sex during fertile period?
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kan - May 22

Hi. The last time my husband and i had unprotected sex, i got pregnant in just one shot but miscarried at 13 weeks. Now we are trying again. My fertile period started on the 17th may and ever since then, we have had sex 5 times. I ovulated today, so i guess we can still have sex today and tomorrow. My question is, how many times should we have sex during the fertile period to get pregnant? Also, can you give me tips on getting pregnant fast? We both really want a baby.


mommy2josh - May 22

Kan, I am so sorry for your loss. There is so much involved in getting pregnant that there is no proven method to get pregnant fast. Did your doctor tell you why you miscarried? Was it because of low progesterone? Beside perfectly timed intercourse your uterine lining has to be thick enough for implantation. Then your progesterone needs to be high enough to sustain a pregnancy. Pregnancy is a miracle which only occures when all the conditions are right. I wish you lots of luck.


MrsIke - May 23

I have read in a fertility book that you should have sex every other day. It increases your chances by 50%. Opposed to common thought that you shouldn't do it often, the Doc and many other articles state that couples dont do it often enough. GL


jackie0214 - June 11

You should have sex during day 12, 14, 16, and 18 of your menstrual cycle, and only those days. If you have intercourse in the days inbetween you most likely will not become pregnant. Sperm becomes too weak.


lovemy3 - June 11

I have found its best very other day. Don't over do it, thats the worst thing to do I think.


faithsmummy - June 11

my doctor told me that you should have sex every other day due to sperm quality rather than number. it is very tempting to have sex every possible time but there is a limit to how long you can keep that going without turning it into a painting with numbers exercise.



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