HCG level day 11 6.5 normal?
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purple523 - June 15

day 11 post IVF implantation (day 5 transfer) HCG test result was 6.5. what does that mean? Have to go bach a couple of days for a second HCG..does this look negative or positive or normal?


chorona - June 16

Hi Purple523,
Is the HCG test the same as a beta test?
I did an IUI back in mid May and when I tested 15 later my beta was 44 which was too low for that time. It should've been over 100. When I did my second test it had fallen which means it wasn't a viable pregnancy.

What did your doc tell you about the 6.5? I hope that it's something completely different than the beta. When do you test again. I think 11 days is a little early. It usually takes a fertilized egg anywhere from 6 to 12 days to implant, so hopefully you just tested too early.

Keep me posted and good luck to you!!!



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