Baby Asprin?
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maui - March 19

I am 25 years old and have had 4 m/c's (2 confirmed). When I saw my OB, she said that they dont run any tests or do anything about m/c's until after the 3rd one. For the last m/c (did not see a dr. for the 3rd one), I had a positive test and made and made an appt. to get a blood test done. When I went in the results were neg (this happened the last time). I was told that it was probably a "chemical pregnancy." I believe that I am pregnant again (too early to take a test) because of the same symptoms I have on the other pregnancies (24hr left leg cramp and nausia).
I have read that baby asprin could help with preventing m/c's. Any thoughts? I don't seem to have a problem conceiving, just problems holding on to it. Also, should I make an appointment to see a reproductive endocrinologist? Please help!!
Thank you


pmblake - March 19

Hi Maui - I am so sorry about your m/c's! I have also had 4. Aren't we lucky ;) I am pregnant again and I'm praying hard that this is the one. I am taking baby aspirin this time. I started 2 cycles ago. I don' t know if it helped or will continue to help me maintain the pregnancy but so far no complications. I did notice that my lining at Ovulation was typically an 11 off of baby aspirin and w/ the aspirin it moved up to a 12. Which is really good. baby ready lining. My Dr. said that baby aspirin cannot hurt me but he's not sure if i have a condition to warrant taking it. Same as you I guess, we just don't know why we miscarry. I go for my 6 week appt this Wednesday and I'll ask my dr. if I should continue w/ the aspirin. I'll let you know what he says! I wouldn't start taking aspirin now if I were you - I would hate for you to jeopardize your possibly pregnancy. You should wait for a + HPT and then make an appt w/ your OB. If you are pregnant that's awesome!! and if not, then start your aspirin therapy next cycle. Good luck to you Maui. I know how you feel. It's a horrible lonely feeling to have this happen over and over again.


maui - March 19

Hi pmblake-
congrats on your pregnancy!! thank you for your support, i hope that i am pregnant and will be able to keep it this time. if not, i am going to try the baby asprin (at this point, i'll try anything!). Good luck again with the pregnancy =D



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