Anyone with me???
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grad19 - January 9

Hi ladies! Well, I just finished my 3rd round of Clomid on December 17. We have been trying for over a year now. My DH and I just got back from a 7 day trip to Aruba. I'm hoping that may have done the trick!!! AF is due in 2 days and I really am praying that it worked this time! Anyone in a similar boat? Would love some feedback. Thanks so much!


kalindi - January 9

Goodluck. I really hope that you have your BCP soon. Lots of baby dust coming your way. Keep us updated.


tk07 - January 10

good luck!! i am 7dpo in my third round of clomid so i think you are a few days ahead of me! i have heard people say how they went on vacation and got pregnant because they weren't thinking about it!!! so maybe that will be you!
baby dust!!!


iampg - January 10

hi tko7, i lost which thread you were on. i'm 9dpo 3rd clomid and have a progression of opks from 5 dpo seem to be getting stronger than control line from yesterday - that means a hpt might show + in a few more days duh! i don't feel pg just very irritable around people. i so want this to be a bfp for all of us.


tk07 - January 11

hi iampg! what do you do with the opk's after ovulation? it can give you different info?? i hope this is the month for us!!!
how long have you been ttc?


iampg - January 11

hi tk07 - i'm so excited for your psychic reading. yeah, i guess for some, opks start to go + again 5-7 days before a hpt bfp. but in my case. i my age may be screwing up the results (er...48) yeah. you're chances are really high for a bfp this month.


tk07 - January 11

thanks, i hope so! i guess i will see what the psychic tells me!!! i am really anxious for it! do you have any other children? wow, i should try that. i never heard of it before. good luck!!!



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