Pregnancy and Age
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Donna - April 27

What are the chances of a 46 yr. old woman of convceiving?


jimbob - June 19

slim and none.


Justine - June 21

It may still be possible - a fertility blood test at the doctors can give you a good indication.


Dee - July 15


I know of one who is currently working on exactly that. She was in menopause with an FSH of 86. After working with a doc in Jersey, she's actually O'ing again and her FSH is something like 7. So, it's possible. But you need to find someone to work aggressively with you.



karel - July 16

I am 45 years old and 11 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy is unplanned and a real surprise.


K - September 11

congrat karel !!!!!! I am 32 and ttc for 10 years with no luck and P.C.O.S ,NOW WE ARE ADOPTING!
Dont give up Donna



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