Smoking and Pregnant
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Rosemarie Jackson - April 14

I used to smoke 20 cigs a day. Now I am 44 yrs old and 2 months pregnant. Desperately trying to give up so am currently smoking 5 a day. Does any have any comforting stories that can help me to stop smoking and stop worrying.


KristenR - February 11

Try hypnosis. It worked for me. You can get CDs or go to a hypnotherapist. Good luck - you can do it!


JessicaG. - February 17

You could also try acuputire, my doctor does this in his office for to be mom's that smoke at a discounted rate. You really need to stop are you already a high risk?


cristy - September 11

smoking cigarette regardless of the amount you take each day can put your baby's health at risk. heart failure, birth defect, brain damage, and many more health issue to mention. make your choice.



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