My husband doesn't care for this pregnancy
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simply here - June 10

I am deeply depressed im just about two months pregnant , in which i am high risk , there is no garantee i will have this one , i've had about 4 miscarriages and im relying on this one to be born , my husband has 4 kids from other relashionship , so he didn't want anymore kids . Well now when i most need him , and have so many complications he acts like he doesn't care , we used to get along our relashionship was good , until my pregnancy chaged us completely . Im in a deep depression i feel the person i mostly trusted gave me his back , I go to the doctors alone cause he doesn't seem to be interested in going with me . Last night we argued over other issues and he accpeted in a way he doesn't care for this baby , knowing im struggling to have it . Im really not looking for anwsers only some support can someone please help me beofre i drop .



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