Is it Pregnancy or Menopuase?
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inkingdom - April 1

I had two children when I was 17 and 21 before I was married. Now I have been married for 10 years and I am 34 have been trying to get pregnant after loosing one of my tubes to scare tissue. Although I am over weight I am fairly healthy don't take meds, drink, nor smoke at all. I have had regular menstration never have missed a period and have always had a period for about a week always starting around the 25th. This past month I did not menstrate and today being the first day of the month a brownish discharge has been coming out of me since last night. I have mild cramping and a negetive pregnant reading. I never had any bleeding nor cramping with my two other children. What is going on? Has my time run out? Could I be going through pre-menopause?


Angeleyes16 - April 13

I know I am way late answering, so I will just ask... Did you figure out what was going on?


darla - June 14

nope, you're way too early for menopausal. it might be something else. a visit to your gynecologists will be the best answer.



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